Your New Chatbot partner

  • Modular enterprise chatbots
  • Customized for your business
  • Multiple interfaces
  • Natural Language Processing

Meet Bot Laura

My name is Laura. I’m a chatbot. I am empowered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I offer a personalized, 2-way communication experience to your customers anytime anywhere. More excitingly, I am tailored for your business’s needs. Feed me instruction and let me handle the hard work for you!

The Challenge

Changing Consumer Behavior requires new customer service channels. Read more in our case studies. See case study “Automating Facebook Customer Service” to learn more about the instant messaging revolution

The Opportunity

New ubiqitious user interfaces matched with a capable A.I. enable getting information and things done where and when it matters. Discover how chatbots enhance existing and create new customer experiences and increase efficiency of internal operations by downloading the exclusive whitepaper

The Solution

A modular approach to enterprise chatbots enables private modules while benefitting from industry leading A.I. and chatbot personality engine. Request a copy of the Chatbot Pack reference architecture or request a quotation.

Why do you want to use me?

Customer Satisfaction

Stay connected with your customers anytime anywhere. Serves a large number of inquiries at the same time 24/7.


Simplify and automate the entire customer service process. Diminish the time and effort to resolve each and every issue.

Cost Savings

Less overhead, less human involvement, less costs means more time and resources to focus on your core business.


Chatbot is built according to your enterprise needs with a large number of integration opportunities.


59 different languages are supported out of the boxes. Advanced language support with grammatical case predictions and triple analysis is currently available for English and Finnish.


Web chats, email, Cortana, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Microsoft Teams, Skype, Skype for Business, Slack, Telegram, SMS and many more to come.

Messaging Channels

Stay connected with your users naturally no matter where they are on. I am available on a wide range of messaging channels and platforms.

Where can you use me?

I can be used in various business cases. Here are just a few typical industries that can benefit from using me. From answering customer queries to booking flight tickets to ordering food, I got you covered.

Customer Service











And more!


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