Chatbots in industries

Chatbots for Tourism

Chatbots are used in various industries nowadays but for tourism, they help people book their travel and hotel rooms. Some even suggest destinations to match travelers’ wishes. Expedia Expedia for Facebook Messenger lets tourists describe their hotel needs, asks questions for clarification, and offers a selection of suitable hotels. Kayak Kayak for Slack is a

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Chatbots for HR

HR departments can use chatbots to answer common employee questions, freeing HR personnel to address the tougher questions faster. This field is easier than many for a chatbot to handle, because the audience is a known one and the kind of information they are looking for is well-delimited. Company policies, holiday schedules, job openings, and

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What Is the Process of Effective Lead Generation and How to Use Chatbots to gain Leads?

Have you ever received a random call one day about a product you looked at a few weeks ago? You try to recall the time you checked out the product and remember leaving your contact details on the website. Or perhaps a time when you received a call from a company that you’ve been referred

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Chatbots for restaurants

Chatbots can revolutionize the way restaurants do business in many ways. Here are ways restaurants can benefit from chatbots: Making reservations With chatbots, customers can make reservations easily through their phones without having to make a call to the restaurant of filling unnecessary papers. Taking orders The chatbots are efficient in service. The customer only

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patented stamp on papers

Recent and Upcoming Patents in the Chatbot Industry

The rapid growth in chatbot development has led to growth in the filing of patents. Some are from major companies, some from startups. Some represent major advances in the technology, while others might be easy targets for challenges. Many of them offer hints about the direction chatbots could take in the future. Some may have

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Chatbots in Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturers stand to gain from every technological advance they can use, and chatbots can provide them with significant advantages. The uses range from the supply chain to the manufacturing floor to order fulfillment. Supplies and inventory Parts and materials need to stay in supply without accumulating wasteful amounts before they’re needed. A chatbot-based query system

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