Antti Törrönen

10 Key Principles for Designing Effective Conversational Interfaces

From punch cards to command lines to graphical user interfaces (GUIs), the way people communicate with computers has evolved over the last half century. In those historic eras users were required to communicate on the computer’s terms, entering inputs that were carefully crafted to stay within parameters the machine could understand. But now, with the …

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Chatbot use cases in industries

Chatbots are more versatile than you may think. After all, it is just an interface technology. Chat, speech and messaging interfaces are very flexible. We’ve gathered different kinds of popular use cases in varying industries. Check them out to see what are the most popular use cases in your industry!

Better public services with chatbots

Many services which government call centers now handle could benefit from chatbot support. Some of these areas are: General information. Queries about locations, hours, and deadlines make up a large portion of call center activity. Chatbots can provide this type of information without making people wait. The users retain the text of the response for …

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Introduction to Discord bots

The rise of online chat rooms has, in recent years, seen an explosion in the number of intelligent chatbots that can offer a range of services. They are an example of conversational design that offers a human-like interaction through computer text. Discord bots can do many things to create an enhanced human experience, including collecting …

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Do you really need an AI chatbot? Button vs AI-driven chatbots

Some chatbots let users enter natural-language questions. Others only let them enter predefined choices using buttons or menu items. Both approaches have advantages in the right situation. The advantages of buttons Button-based chatbots are far simpler to program, so they cost less and don’t take as much time to set up. No artificial intelligence is …

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Fun with Markov Chain Chatbots

Markov chains provide an easy way to generate plausible-sounding nonsense in a chatbot. They aren’t particularly useful for serious purposes, but they can be used for an entertainment bot or to lighten the conversation with occasional silliness. What is a Markov chain? A Markov chain is a statistical process built on a state machine. In …

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The Semantic Web & RDF

The Semantic Web is a way of putting structured information into Web pages, so that software can extract specific information without resorting to data mining and guessing. The semantic information may overlap with the content which is visible to the user, or it may be separate. It uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) to characterize …

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What is Facebook Messenger Advertising?

Facebook Messenger advertising provides content marketers the opportunity to engage audiences within the messenger app. Messenger ads are created through the ads manager platform and can utilize the same creative as other ads running throughout Facebook and Instagram. When is Facebook Messenger Advertising Suitable? Like all marketing strategies, Facebook Messenger ads best serve a specific …

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