What is a chatbot? – Introduction to chatbots 2019

Communication technology is progressing very fast. And today, most people prefer to connect through either text messages or messaging applications. To make life more convenient, organizations and industries are advancing communications by developing and investing in chatbots. Chatbots are computer-programmed services that can interact like humans through a chat interface, both textually and auditorily. Also …

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Fun with Markov Chain Chatbots

Markov chains provide an easy way to generate plausible-sounding nonsense in a chatbot. They aren’t particularly useful for serious purposes, but they can be used for an entertainment bot or to lighten the conversation with occasional silliness. What is a Markov chain? A Markov chain is a statistical process built on a state machine. In …

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The Semantic Web & RDF

The Semantic Web is a way of putting structured information into Web pages, so that software can extract specific information without resorting to data mining and guessing. The semantic information may overlap with the content which is visible to the user, or it may be separate. It uses the Resource Description Framework (RDF) to characterize …

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The Turing Test – Does it matter?

The decade isn’t over yet, but we’ve seen some remarkable advancements in the field of artificial intelligence. We’ve marveled at the invention of the first self-driving car in 1995. We witnessed Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov in 1997. Lastly and more recently, we enjoy the company of Apple’s Siri, Google’s the Assistant, Microsoft’s Cortana, and …

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Giant robot holding a businessman with a telescope, helping him to look further ahead, RPA Robotic process automation concept

Robotic Process Automation: What’s It All About?

Businesses are picking up huge gains in productivity through robotic process automation, or RPA. This doesn’t refer to machines doing physical labor; the “robots” in this case are software agents. Like the robots on the factory floor, they carry out tasks that otherwise would require dull, repetitive human efforts. RPA builds on existing GUI-based software. …

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woman using smart phone in autonomous car. self driving vehicle. autopilot. automotive technology.

An Overview of the State of Robotics

As science fiction writers first conceived robots, they were humanoid machines that performed services in response to spoken directions. This is the idea of R.U.R. by Čapek (which introduced the word “robot” to the world), as well as Isaac Asimov’s I, Robot stories. What we now call robots have gone in quite a different direction. …

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schoolkids using chatbots for education

Chatbots In Education

Students everywhere carry their mobile phone with them. It contains everything they need and is their connection to the world. However, the ‘phone’ aspect of the device is fading away. Instead of making calls, many individuals would rather use instant messaging apps. This trend started a with the popularity of SMS and has only surged …

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Chatbots and Messaging in Africa

Chatbots are ready to deliver a major impact in Africa. Several economic factors work in their favor, and businesses and nonprofit organizations are already showing what they can accomplish. The next few years should see significant growth in use. Favorable economic factors Since 2016 Africa’s economy has been growing at a healthy pace. The World …

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businessman using new form of business technology

How Changes in Consumer Behavior in the 2010s Has Shaped the Business World

“Today’s consumers are more enlightened and empowered than ever. And they are placing ever-greater demands on their retailers to either “get it right” or lose their business.”   – Kali Klena, IBM Global Retail Lead Today’s savvy consumers contrast sharply from yesterday’s shoppers. They are confident, industrious, and technologically astute, and expect businesses to exhibit …

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